All of our selections are from very large seed runs! They are the very best of the best!

All our plants are guaranteed pathogen and pest free.

We have a very strict organic IPM that includes full plant immersions in essential and plant oils, followed by a diverse beneficial insect regime. The six different beneficial insects we apply are a preventative measure for the common cannabis pest…root aphids, aphids, spider mites, russet mites, broad mites, thrips, and fungus gnats.

The compost we make is so full of biological life that disease literal don't stand a chance. We commonly bring in sick plants to our healthy beds to bring back the strains vigor, and health. we apply a fresh compost tea before we send out any plants.

current available selections


Royal Kush #7

(southern humboldt purple kush x sour diesel x highland afghani)

Crème Brulee

(royal kush #7 x sour diesel x ogkb)

Dog Walker OG

(chem 91 x albert walker)

Skunk dog #1, #2

(super skunk x red afghani x skunk1)

Sour OG

(sour diesel x og kush)

Black D.o.g.

(blackberry kush x emerald headband)


(gorrilla glue #4 x wookie 15)


Pie Hoe

(cherry pie x grape ape x tahoe og)

Lemon Piehoe

(pie hoe x royal kush 7)


(dosidos x gelato 41)


(grape ape x grapefruit)


Alaskan Thunder Fuck


Peanut Butter Jelly

(raspberry kush x peanut butter breath)

Hobo Skin

(atf x sour og)


(cinderella 99 x vortex)

Skunk dog #3

(super skunk x red afghani x skunk1)



up and coming selections…