If you start off with weak genetics or unhealthy plants you can only hope to overcome these difficulties with product$


Our Mission

is to provide healthy vibrant pest and disease free clones to medical cannabis patients and to commercial growers.  We believe the needs of the patient are little different than the needs of the commercial producer so we cater to each customer on an individual basis.  All our genetics have been in house tested, and sifted from seeds and elite clones.  We have a wide variety of canibinoid profiles, from high CBD to almost no THC, high THC low CBD and a good assortment of what lies between.  We also focus a lot of attention on flavinoids and terpenes, we have the wide range of exotic flavors, and mash ups on some of the popular flavors. 

we’ve been Sorting genetics on a large scale to find significant outliers that are


  • suited for specific processing goals(flower, concentrate, bubble hash, joints, etc)

  • pest (spider mite, russet mite) resistant

  • 100% disease free!

  • Heat and drought tolerant

  • Mold and botrytis resistant

  • unique cultivars that are selected from large batch seed production


  • pest and disease resistant

  • Organic no sprays are ever applied

  • various ratios and potencies of cbd:thc

  • many strains for many different symptoms